Hi, I’m Scott Denholm

the worlds only eco surf artist, specialising in traditional and contemporary fine art surf scenes using traditional earth friendly art materials.

I’m an Australian surf artist living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and have being painting traditional scenes since 1993, age 10. After moving to the Sunshine Coast in 1996 and later being a part of the Australia Zoo crew for 7 years, my interest and passion in the environment and surfing lead me on the path in 2011 to becoming the worlds first and only eco conscious surf artist.

Artist Statement

Combining my lifelong passions of surfing, art and the environment, I hope to inspire a shift in thinking among surfers and artists to pursue their passion with an eco friendly outlook. I also strive to educate anyone who is stoked on my surf art and surfing about the environmental issues facing our oceans, beaches and surf breaks.

In my mid-twenties I had started to became aware of the health dangers and environmental impacts associated with oil painting as well as the toxic, crude oil by-products used to make all surfing equipment.

I saw a need for change so I decided to combine both of my passions and set out to find the most eco friendly products available and become both an eco conscious surfer and artist.

After two years of researching, sourcing and testing eco art materials, I started painting surf scenes with the intention to share with the surfing community to help educate surfers and brands about the impacts of traditional surf products.

Member of the Ocean Artists Society

As of February 2015, I have become a proud member of the Ocean Artists Society, a not-for-profit organisation founded by famous marine artist Robert Wyland which uses art and creative media to inspire and educate the world about the importance of marine conservation.

ocean artists society member