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By November 18, 2014Eco Surf Art
surfboard art paintings by eco surf artist scott denholm

Earlier this year I decided to create some surfboard paintings by painting some old surfboards I had laying around in the garage. A couple of these boards were specifically reclaimed from the tip and prevented from being landfill – Giving life to these old boards and turning them into artwork is a much more environmentally friendly and obviously more aesthetically pleasing.

What better way to honour some old surfboards that have been a part of someone’s surfing experience then to create hand painted surfboard wall art – with tropical surf scenes of epic waves in hidden tropical locations!

Surfboard Art For Sale

These surfboard paintings are currently for sale and available now! Each board is 100% unique, from the shapes and little dings that give them a charming character, to the hand painted surf designs, maps and patterns.

I decided to add map elements to the design of these boards for a few reasons. The old nautical maps that I have designed are part of maritime history – As most surfers will know, scouring maps and charts for unknown waves in obscure corners of the world is an intriguing part of surfing. Always in search of the perfect wave. I’ve also had an infatuation with maps since I was little… maybe it was my good sense of direction or the adventurer in me, but I’d be happy in a map shop – if ever anything existed.

Learning to create surfboard art has been a learning curve, but as with becoming an eco artist several years ago, I’ve adapted well and will add Surfboard Artist to my repertoire.

Surfboard Wall Art

These boards are for display only. Even though they are finished with a clear varnish please be aware that I painted straight onto the glass and water will damage the artwork.

Surfboard paintings for sale

Surfboard Paintings

If you would like to have a artwork for a new surfboard that you would like to surf on, let me know and we can discuss an inlay option or painting onto the blank with your shaper.

Commission Surfboard Artwork

If you have your own surfboards in the garage gathering dust (every surfer does!) and would like me to paint a surf scene onto it so you can keep your trusty old board forever as a stunning artwork on you wall then please contact me. I have done several commissions for people who have given me a photo from a surf trip with the boys and painted on their old board for display.

If you have any questions about the boards I have available or a commission enquiry, please feel free to contact me anytime.

View available surfboard paintings

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  • Chantelle

    Hey There… i am wondering how you mount it on the wall? Did you drill into the board for anchors?
    I’m thinking about doing that to my board and i am not sure what type of anchors to use.. i would really appreciate any knowledge you are willing to share.

    • Hi Chantelle. I screwed large (single hole) D-hooks into the stringer of the board. Make sure whatever you use to attach is screwed into the stringer down the centre because it’s the strongest part of the board.
      All the best!

  • Chantelle

    Hey There. Super rad stuff. I have a surfboard i was going to drill into for mounting on my wall. I am really unsure what to use. I would appreciate any knowledge you are willing to share.