Being an eco artist isn’t something that I preach, it’s what I practice.

Every artwork I create is made from some of the most environmentally friendly materials in the traditional painting scene, sourced from all over the world. A result of years of research and trial and error.

Unlike traditional oil painting studios, I use no toxic solvents, heavy metals or bleach. All wood used in brushes and canvas stretchers are FSC certified, everything else is recycled, a byproduct or cruelty free. Ofcourse I know that there are most likely better alternatives, so I’m always on the search to improve my materials and lessen my environmental impact. If you use a product that you think I should know about please let me know. I’ve listed all of my products below.

Eco Art Guide For The Sustainable Artist

An eco art guide to becoming an environmentally sustainable, non-toxic and eco-friendly artist.

I am soon to release a book that acts as a guide and resource for artists to help them transition to an eco-friendly and sustainable studio and practice. Through my own experience of making the change to an eco-friendly art studio, over 18 months of research, wasted money and trial and error – I guide artists through the process of selecting the right materials and using the best processes to save them time and money on their journey.

This book gives artists the exact products and materials that I and other professional artists use, and I explain the benefits of these products for both your health and the environment. Sustainable art materials including oil and acrylic paint, canvas, brushes, primers, brush cleaner, mediums, easels and so much more.

This book is the perfect guide for artists of all levels, from beginners, emerging artists, professional artists and even kids and schools.

If you would like to be one of the first to know when the book is published, contact me and I will add you to the ever growing list.